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Dear Counsellor

Dear Counsellor

My faith is weak. Sometimes I feel like giving up the Christian journey. I pray, but it seems as if my prayer is not being answered. I pray for a job, but I do not get one. I pray for healing, but nothing seems to happen. I know people who have also given up on this journey as they feel as if God is not answering them. I just don’t know what to do.

Dear Writer

I am truly sorry to hear of your experience. However, thank you for your honesty. Whilst meditating on my response to this question. I came across this article in ‘Our Daily Bread’ Devotion written by James Banks entitled Praying and Growing. I pray it will answer your question and bring enrichment to your soul.

When my friend David’s wife developed Alzheimer’s disease, the changes it brought to his life made him bitter. He needed to retire early to care for her; and as the disease progressed, she required increasingly more care.

“I was so angry at God,” he told me. “But the more I prayed about it, the more He showed me my heart and how I had been selfish for most of our marriage.” Tears welled in his eyes as he confessed, “She’s been sick ten years, but God has helped me see things differently. Now, everything I do out of love for her, I also do for Jesus. Caring for her has become the greatest privilege of my life.”

Sometimes God answers our prayers not by giving us what we want but by challenging us to change. When the prophet Jonah was angry because God spared the wicked city of Nineveh from destruction, God caused a plant to shade him from the hot sun (Jonah 4:6). Then He made it wither. When Jonah complained, God answered, “Is it right for you to be angry about the plant?” (vv. 7–9). Jonah, focused only on himself, insisted it was. But God challenged him to think about others and have compassion.

God sometimes uses our prayers in unexpected ways to help us learn and grow. It’s a change we can welcome with open hearts because He wants to transform us with His love.

In terms of finding a job, have you asked anyone to help you by reviewing your application forms and CV? Are you actively applying for jobs by attending the Jobcentre or searching on the internet? Although it is good to pray remember we also need to be doing something.

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