Convocation 2019 (A Brief Synopsis)

We give God thanks for Convocation 2019.  Here’s a brief report from:-

Sister Charmagne Bogle

Behold how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity and love. Witnessing the fellowship and spirit of oneness during our annual convocation was truly stupendous. The theme for this year’s 50th Annual convocation is ‘The Covenant Keeping God’. The foundation scriptures are Deuteronomy 7:9, 2 Chronicles 6:14-15 and 2 Corinthians 1:20. This year was exceptional. We were not only celebrating 50 years since convocation begun, but also witnessing five of our young people (including my son Samuel) and one adult baptised. It was truly a time of thanksgiving and rejoicing. The convocation began on Friday afternoon with prayer led by Evangelist Janet Simpson. God pressed on her heart that we have fasted and prayed and now we were to give thanks for all the things which will happen during convocation. It was an awesome time of prayer, praise and worship.  Convocation had truly began.. …

This report is only a synopsis of the weekend, you will need to buy the DVD to appreciate and enjoy the weekend.

Evangelist Wilks led us in a glorious time of Praise and Worship at the start of our evening session.  The visiting ministers Pastor Paul, Pastor Fashanu, Pastor Crossfield, were invited to greet the church and encourage the candidates.  Pastor Buttler acknowledged the many friends and families who attended to support the candidates for baptism.  Sister Shirley Biggs, Sister Monnay Simpson, Brother Amaray Simpson, Brother Samuel Bogle-Corale, Brother Micah Porter and Brother Elijah Porter.

Pastor Buttler (our Senior Pastor) was the evening speaker.  She officially announced it was indeed an honour to declare our 50th annual convocation 2019 open. It is the year of Jubilee. Pastor Buttler thanked God for the pioneers, the late overseer and Mother Simpson, Deacon Douglas, Evangelist Hope, and Pastor Hope who in August 1969 opened the first convocation at Lynham Road. At that time the name of the fellowship was The Church of God Fellowship in Great Britain Worldwide. Our senior Pastor laid the foundation for this year’s topic.  She ministered from Deuteronomy 7:9 Know therefore that the Lord thy God, he is God, the faithful God, which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love him and keep his commandments to a thousand generations;

She started by explaining what is a Covenant.  It is a legal agreement between two or more parties in the Old Testament. It is the Hebrew word BERITH which derives from a root word which means to cut. Therefore, a covenant is a cutting, with reference to a cutting or dividing of Animals into two parts and the contracting parties passing between them and making a covenant. In Genesis 15 God made a covenant with Abraham a Lamb was laid down and cut into pieces and God put a deep sleep on Abraham, God past through the midst of it and God made a covenant with him. 

There are different kinds of covenant.  A “Conditional and unconditional”.   A conditional covenant might depend on the faithfulness of one or other parties and the covenant is invalidated should one or both break the condition. An example of this is the covenant God made with Adam when he was placed in the Garden of Eden. God said to Adam all this is yours and you can have eternal life as long as you obey me. However, Adam and Eve chose to disobey God and they broke the covenant. It was a conditional covenant because God said to them if you serve me, I will give you eternal life.

An unconditional covenant is one that is not dependant on the faithfulness of the parties but remains valid; an example is the covenant God made with Noah. He said I will not flood the earth again. He told Noah in order to show you I mean this I will put a rainbow in the clouds.

The Second day of convocation continued in the same manner as yesterday. Sister Maxine led us into a vibrant time of prayer as we prayed for the preachers, leaders, and breakthrough during this weekend. Sister Lee led the evening in a rousing time of praise and worship as voices were raised singing, I’m longer a slave to fear.   Sister Merna was the moderator for the evening. We had words of exhortations from visiting ministers and Sisters of Ruth Women of Power Praise (RWOPP).

Bishop Lenford Rowe was the evening speaker and ministered as the Holy Spirit would have him to do. He shared our convocation theme filled him with confidence in the knowledge that God is faithful, trustworthy, totally reliable, and will always do what He says He is going to do. He will never give up on us, or turn His back on us.  He shared that ‘a covenant is an agreement between two or more parties, or an agreement made between two or more persons about something you are going to do. For example, employment contracts or marriages, they are significant differences between the two. He stated that he was not referring to just any marriage but Christian marriages. This he describes as the union between one man and one woman instituted and ordained by God in a lifelong relationship with the man as husband and the woman as wife. 

When a couple gets married they agree to a contract of marriage a contract that is said to be legally binding and legally enforceable. The marriage contract gives those getting married certain rights and privileges that are not extended to those who do not have it. Within the marriage contract there will be promises or vows. In the UK some couples write their own vows or promises, others use words already instituted. For example “to have and to hold from this day forward , for better for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part, according to God’s holy law and this is my solemn vow”. If marriages are to last, vows are to be adhere to, they cannot be broken. When the man gives those words to his wife and she says those words to him, they are words that are substantial, and you better make sure you understand what you are doing prior to saying the vows.

Unfortunately some people make promises in marriage which they have gone on to treat as social conventions without understanding the seriousness, thought or respect about the words they have proclaimed. It is for this reason, the promise like ‘till death do us part” now means “until we no longer agree or until we fancy someone else”. When Bishop gave the definition of covenant and encouraged us to think of marriages, he did this because in many ways the word covenant and contract is often used interchangeably to mean one of the same things. Bishop suggested that a covenant and a contract are not one of the same because contracts are man-made and enforceable in a court of law and it is man who determines the contents of the contract. Covenants are established not on the equal basis of partnership but on the principal of the divine God. Christian marriages are not merely a contract but a covenant relationship. Christian marriage was never established by man. Its foundations are in God.  We were truly blessed this evening by Bishop Lenford Rowe

Day three of convocation, we continued to dine and feast on the topic covenant keeping God as Sister Samantha Simpson led us into an arousing time of worship. Pastor Rowe was the moderator for the morning.  The choir blessed us once again with ‘Nothing going to stop me from reaching my goal’ led by Sister Sonia. Blessed be the name of God.

The morning speaker was Deacon Clarke who ministered a powerful and stirring word on the covenant keeping God. Looking at the theme verse Deuteronomy 7:9; he introduced his message stating:

The bible said when God created the heavens and the earth, God placed man on the earth in the heavens. He placed two great lights, the greater light the sun that rule by day and the lesser light the moon that rule by night. According to science it takes the earth 365 days to revolve around the sun, somehow on very rare occasions the earth or the moon moves out of its natural orbit and come between each other and the sun when this occurs its causes a phenomenon.  This causes an eclipse. There are two types of eclipse a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when a portion of the earth is engulfed in a shadow cast by the moon which fully or partially blocks sunlight. A lunar eclipse is when the moon appears darkened as it passes into the earth’s shadow. If one thing is eclipsed by a second thing that is bigger, newer and more important than it; the first thing is no longer noticed because the second thing gets all the attention relationships can testify to that. Any type of relationship love affair relationship, business relationship anything that comes along new, big, more important you are finished, you’ve been eclipsed.

Joshua told the children of Israel that the land where they are going is full of ungodly idol worshipping people and that they should stay away from them. He told them not marry them and not to give their sons in marriage to your daughters. Likewise, they were not to take their sons for their daughters to marry because their ways are contrary to our ways. They will only be a snare on a stumbling block that will ultimately come between us and God. Just as the earth blocks the sun from the moon, and likewise the moon blocks the sun from the earth, an ungodly person will block the relationship between us and God. They will block any communication that we have with God there and then an eclipse is created. An eclipse that will block out any form of light and any form of communication between us and God.  A Psalms of David says “Yea thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death” meaning wherever there is a shadow there is light. The reason why it’s not shining through is there is an obstacle in the way, either someone or something is standing in the way and blocking out that light from shining through. So in light of all of this God says I am going to make a covenant with you ……

Deacon Clarke’s sermon was soul stirring and thought provoking this was just a little of what he shared you will need to watch the video to appreciate the word.

Brother Isaiah moderated the afternoon segment. We were blessed with Joshua’s Generation choir as they sang ‘Praise Him in advance’ and ‘I love to praise His name’. They sang so beautifully. It really was a blessing witnessing so many talented young people presenting their items playing instruments, sharing their exhortations on the covenant keeping God, spoken word, singing, testimonies and reciting poems. Pastor Rowe thanked the parents and children for their hard work and commitment.  He also gave thanks to the youth council and youth leaders.  We pray that our young people continue singing unto the glory of God. We pray that the number will double and even more young people will present items and surrender their life to Christ and trust our covenant keeping God.

Evening worship was an awesome time of sharing, testimonies, songs and exhortations. 

Day four of convocation

What an Awesome time of praise and worship so far, as we continued to feast on The Covenant Keeping God and the faithfulness of our God who is faithful in keeping His covenant with the redeemed. Sister Marcia Brown led us in a time of praise and worship.  Brother Coleman was the moderator.  We had a blessed time as people shared their testimonies and exhortations, which strengthened and encouraged us.  

Bishop Thomas from COGWWM was the evening speaker, I do not know what else to say apart from when Bishop was introduced by our Senior Pastor, voices were raised and voices were lifted. Glory to God.

Day five 

Tuesday morning was a time of “Sweet Hour of Prayer” led by Evangelist Gloria Clarke.  We had a glorious time in the presence of the Lord.  Brother Karl and Sister Francis received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit speaking in other tongues.  

Pastor Nelson from the Assembled Church of Christ was the evening speaker.  She spoke with power and authority. 

To really appreciate and enjoy you need to buy Convocation 2019 DVD 

Pastor Dwayne Rowe gave the vote of thanks as Convocation 2019 was ended.


God bless you Sister Charmagne

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