Dear Counsellor

Dear Counsellor

Why are Christian folks so afraid of seeking counselling to address some of their problems?

Dear Writer

This is indeed a very good question. I have several thoughts and reaction to this question. My first initial thought is that they perhaps have lived with the issue for some time that they may not realise that it is a problem. Secondly, a person may not understand what is counselling. Therefore, I will provide a definition.

Aileen Milne in her book ‘Teach yourself Counselling’ stated that it can be defined by the aims and values. The aim to provide an environment that enables the client to work towards living in a more resourceful and personally fulfilling way. These are some of the ways in which it can help people:

To clarify the important things in their lives


To get in touch with their inner feelings


To facilitate the exploration of feelings, thoughts and meanings


By offering support in times of crisis


By offering support during developmental and transitional periods


To work through ‘stuck issues’, which may involve childhood experiences


To reach a resolution of problems


Dear Counsellor

I feel hurt by the things people say about me. How can I overcome these feelings?


Dear Writer


Sometimes we find it difficult being honest with others because of the fear of losing their love or friendship. It sounds as if you need to be honest with these people and let them know the impact that their comments are having on you.


Often people tend to internalise their feelings until something happens to trigger the negative emotion causing the person to explode.


If it is possible, speak to the person about the way you are feeling. Ensure that you listen and do not be afraid to take responsibility if your actions have in any way resulted in the negative comments being spoken about you.


You may also want to evaluate your social circle as those whom you surround yourself with should encourage and empower you. If you find that this is not the case; it may be time to make some definitive decisions.



Milne, A (2003) Teach Yourself Counselling. UK: Hodder Headline Ltd

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