The Light & Life Full Gospel Fellowship see ourselves as a

Spirit-filled, Praying, Unified


Society-influencing church growing in thousands, of men, women, children of all ages and Nationalities. On the authority of the word of God, in the name of Jesus Christ we call those things that be not as though they were. We now call the new building that fits our needs and will be a blessing to us and the community. We bind every force that has set itself against church growth and release of the new building. We declare that God’s highest and best is done in this matter. Amen.

The Minister in Charge of our fellowship is Pastor Herma Buttler and with the help of the God & the Officers through prayer and fasting she is able to take this ministry from strength to strength.

Our Church Motto is Let us go up together (Numbers 13:30)


The mission of The Light & Life Full Gospel Fellowship is commitment to the person of Jesus Christ. We base our teaching upon God’s revealed Word, the Bible. We seek to provide regular teaching and preaching of the Bible, meaningful times of worship, opportunities for fellowship, prayer, and other ministries for people of all ages.

Our ministries include: Worship Services, Sunday school, Women’s Ministries, Men’s Ministries, Youth Ministries, The Light & Life Support Group, Exclusive Club (aka – Senior Citizens) Church Choir, Radio Ministry, Prayer Ministry, Usher Ministry, Altar Workers Ministry, & Evangelism. Our mission and calling is to love and care for all.