Dear Counsellor

What is Anxiety and can it be treated with CBT? Anxiety is a feeling of intense discomfort. This results in a person being afraid of something and try their best to avoid it. Although we use avoidance as a method of release; it is important to understand that every time we avoid an anxiety-producing situation. The next time the anxiety

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To the Faithful Members and Friends of The Light and Life Full Gospel Fellowship Church at Landor Road, grace and peace be multiplied to you.  Praise be unto God for his many blessings .   This month we celebrate  9 years of RWOPP Prayer Breakfast.  We are looking to the Lord for an awesome time

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The Purpose Of a Song

Sister Jenny McIntosh I pray that this will be of blessing to you as you read.  I was bless when Sister Jenny shared this in our RWOPP Service  PB I am going through a very difficult period in work, where my workload has increased 10 fold, due to cut backs in staffing.

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