Pastor Buttler’s Award

To Pastor Buttler and all the members here at the Light & Life Full Gospel Fellowship, I just want to greet you in Jesus name.

Mother Beckford started on VibesFM in 2001/2. Then Pastor Buttler in 2002 17yrs ago, on Mothers Sunday started on Vibes and since then has been a blessing to a lot of people, even  myself, she has been a blessing to me. I will phone Pastor Buttler in the morning without her knowing to ask her to prayer for the children going back to school.

I was here at Mother Beckford’s funeral, all the time when you phone her, she was full of laughter, saying I need to pray for you, the lord has laid it on my heart. Those prayers have been very good for us. We want to thank the Church all the time.

Because of this we want to give you an award for being on the Gospel Day Break Radio Show for 17 years.

Thank you very much and thanks to the church as well for your prayers, we are always blessed because you are blessed and you make us VibesFM blessed as well.

Thank You All,

Courtney Melody & Younger Melody

VibesFM 93.8

Award winning Pastor Buttler

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