The Purpose Of a Song

Sister Jenny McIntosh

I pray that this will be of blessing to you as you read.  I was bless when Sister Jenny shared this in our RWOPP Service  PB

I am going through a very difficult period in work, where my workload has increased 10 fold, due to cut backs in staffing.  When the pressure is mounting and my anxiety levels start to rise, quite often a song will come to mind, and I sing.  My co-worker who does not believe that God exist, will always call over mockingly from the other side of the room, “Jen are you in pain”, I always respond to him with a smile, acknowledging that, I don’t have a very melodic voice, but my church songs are my ‘stress buster’, and since I gave my life to Christ, I no longer rush from the building and reach for a cigarette.

I always take comfort from a message Pastor once preached, saying that when we are beaten up by the cares of life, “don’t hang your harp on a willow tree, just sing”.   One of my favourites songs is, Oh Heaven declare the power of the living God, as it is a healing balm to my soul.

Songs are a wonderful tool to celebrate, love, Life, death, and many other social occasions, as singing brings joy and comfort to those who are listening and to the performer.  Many a heart has melted with conviction, as a song hits a cord and a person decides to yield their life to Christ.

There are many positive benefits of a song and here follows a brief snapshot where a song has been used in a worldly context:

In 1976 on the Island of Jamaica, the late Bob Marley staged a one love peace concert, in the hopethat it would unite the rival political gangsters and bring the country together.

Another  fine example, was where, Sir Bob Geldof showed love and togetherness, in staging the live aid concert, to raise funds for the starving people in Africa.

And not to forget our talent shows such as the X factor, where budding artists use a song in the hopeof paving a musical career in the attempt to change their lives.

In the bible, King David wrote 23rd Psalm (The lord is my shepherd), which was adapted into a song, and is sung worldwide, and gives many races a universal spiritual connection.   Psalm 100, tells us to make a joyful noise unto the Lord and serve him with gladness.  Exodus chapter 15 shows when God miracoulsyopened the red sea for the children of Israel to cross, the Prophetess Miriam ordered them to sing a song to God in thanksgiving for their triumph. 

Routinely we have Praise & Worship here, and our choir sings, as it is their God Given Ministry.  We sing songs as this is an act of worship to God.  Recently so much fuss was undoubtedly made over what starter, to have at the state banquet to receive President Trump.  Well, our singing is our starter, to open our spirits in readiness for the word.  I try hard to concentrate on the words, but at times I fail, as my mind wonders.  

On a gentle note, during our time of praising, we need to think about what we are singing.  Such powerful words, such as, bind us together Lord, with cords that cannot be broken are to encourage, and instil unityin our Church.  I am praying that God will re-purpose in our hearts the willingness to act on the words that we sing.  

Lastly, history has taught us that revolutions have sometimes been triggered by a song, as people rebel against oppressive and corrupt systems.  I have always felt that the Purpose of a song in our Church is also a way of demonstrating to the devil our revolt against him and his angels, and I know the gates of hell rattle, when we sing.

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