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Usher Of The Month

How I became a Christian.                                                              

Growing up in Jamaica, church was always apart of my life. My mother, who was a woman of God, made sure I attended Sunday School and church services. As a child I enjoyed going to Sunday school because I was given a chance to say my memory verse which was the highlight of Sunday school. As I grew to my teenage years, I wanted to know more about the Bible and serving God.


My mother and grandmother would explain to me the importance of living for Christ. To get a better understanding, I attended prayer meetings and bible studies with them.


Years went by, and in 1992 December I surrendered my life to the Lord and was baptised. That’s the best thing I did, God ordering my steps and my life. I attended Grace Gospel Hall Church of the first born in Jamaica for 10 years, then I came to the UK.


Finding a church to worship was the hardest. I then moved to South West London,Living on Hubert Grove for one year and didn’t realised there was a church at my finger tips. One Sunday 5th January 2005, I visited the LLFGF. After that first visit, I realised this is where God wanted me to be.


I became a member in 2006. I’m now apart of the ushering team, the choir, assistant to the food bank and now learning to operate the laptop. Throughout my years serving God, I’ve been through the fire, I’ve been through the floods, on the mountain tops and in the valley. Through it all I’ve learn to trust and lean on Jesus.


Jesus’s. It’s been a journey, but I wouldn’t trade it for nothing. I love the Lord with all my heart, and my determination is to live and serve him till he comes or call me home.


I hope my testimony will help someone. God Bless.


Sister Miriam Ellis. 


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