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Usher Of The Month

I was raised in a Christian home, and had a fair understanding of the principles of the faith.  I would readily dispute with un-believers that there is a God.

Throughout the years  I purely used attending church as a prop.  Whenever I felt depressed and life’s turbulence became too overwhelming, I would visit any church.  I never took committing my life to Christ seriously.  


It was during 2009, when I had terrible relationship issues with my son, and previous partner, coupled with the sudden loss of my Father that I started to genuinely cry out to God.  Loosing my Father hit me hard, as been a favourite offspring I enjoyed a loving relationship with him.  I could sit in a room with ‘My Daddy’, not say a word and walk away, having the best conversation ever.  I felt empty,  lost, I needed to fill the void.  I met Sister Sheila around this period and she encouraged me to attend LLFGF. I have never looked back.  I loved the ministry, what a soothing balm.   I attended every week and through ‘the word’ I started to find peace.  Matt , 11:  v 28.

I finally committed my Life to Christ in November 2014.  God called me to fill the role of an Usher, which I know is a privilege, and I am trying to work with humility and to the best of my ability.  I also work on the Food bank, as secretary and helper.

Our Ushers theme verse:  Galatians, 5: v 22 & 23, Paul the Apostle notes the 9 fruits of the spirit. If I may draw on the first attribute , which is LOVE.  I know that growing in God’s character is indeed gradual, but there is a point in this journey whether we are in our primary or more advance walk that we put LOVE at the centre of our faith.  Putting aside non-spiritual ,  non-sensical,  petty attitudes and behaviours,  thus enabling grains of affection to sprout into full bloom. I struggle too,  but if we daily try to adopt the fruits of the spirit,  and in bearing fruits, we share our baskets with others, whether we think they are great or small in this household of faith, this indeed is LOVE…

Lastly, upon reflection never has a convention theme resonated so much into my spirit.   Paul the Apostle  was writing from a ‘hard place’, as neither past nor present has any prison environ  been a pleasurable place. Yet he wrote with LOVE. It was not his intent to admonish the brethren  but to urge them to LOVE each other, abiding in UNITY, under the NAME ABOVE EVERY NAME.  Philippians  2: v 9 .

May God richly bless you all.

Sister Jenny McIntosh

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