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Usher Of The Month

Usher Of The Month

Mrs Rosalind Clarke

I started to attend the Light & Life Full Gospel Fellowship Church during a convocation in the Year 2000. The topic was ‘’PUSH’’ Praise until Something Happens.  Then in the Year 2001,  myhusband and I  was received as  members.

I am going to give a brief testimony arising from a midday fasting & prayer service that was, and is still being held every Tuesday, barring any eventuality, from 12 midday until  2pm in the afternoon.

I was always looking forward to this Tuesday service, because it always uplifts my spirit, soul and body. Evangelist mother Beckford was in charge of the service, and on that particular Tuesday, as I walked in,  the Church was already in session, and so I silently came in and was about to take my seat.

But before I could settle, I was asked by Evangelist Beckford not to sit down. She said that the Lord was asking for me, then she said to me‘’ what is the name of your Son‘’ in Jamaica ?

I said his name is Clive Gibson, he’s living in Kingston. She said that all of us in the prayer meeting is going to pray for him.  And she said that I should shout out his name meanwhile everyone else is praying for him.  The service came to an end and I went home.  Shortly after my phone rang, it was my son Clive on the line and he was crying his eyes out.

As the Church was praying for him, he and his girlfriend/baby mother, was standing at his gate talking, when a car drove up and stopped.  Some men got out, they were armed with guns.  They  proceeded to rob my son of his mobile phone, his money,  stripped him of just about everything he had on , leaving him naked only in his underpants and socks.

They took away the girl with them, drove a few miles with her, stopped the car and told her to get out. Clive actually asked what happened this morning, if I was praying for him, I told him the full story of what happened in the prayer service, had it not been for the Lord Jesus Christ, I would not have got my first grandson.

To God be the glory , great things he has done.

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