V.E.I. Mission

1. Youth Fellowship Meeting

News Prayer Circular Letter – January 2015

   Beloved in the Lord

              “You who seek God your heart shall live”….

                          “For the Lord hears the poor, and does not despise

        His prisoners” Psalm 69:32,33


Greetings to you all in the precious name of dear Jesus!

It is always a joy to share the Mission news with you all. We thank God for graciously guiding us with His presence. We are grateful to each one of you for the precious prayers and valuable support for the Mission work. We pray for you always in all our prayers. It is encouraging to receive few lines from you. Here in India many challenges are raising one after the other. So far there is victory. Now is the time to equip for the future to take the Church according to the Word.  There is a great responsibility to nourish all the new comers to become matured in Christ. Please pray that the Lord Jesus may give His divine strength and provision.
One young girl of 18 years old has severe pain in her heart. Doctors in the hospital said she may have to go for surgery.  She is from a poor family and cannot afford such money for the treatment.  She came for special prayer for few days.  Within 2 weeks Lord Jesus healed her and she became normal.  By faith she stopped all medicine.  By God’s grace she is well.

Every week Sunday after service we pray for the sick and for God’s protection, particularly form accidents.  One man who is a believer met with a motorcycle accident and was seriously injured.  People asked questions why God did not protect. The answer is in the scripture John.11:4 ‘To the Glory of God.’  Though it was a serious injury he was healed without major problem.

In a village called Edapalayam a woman was possessed with the devil.  It was a powerful possession.  They were not able to handle it.  That woman and her family suffered a lot with no help.  Lastly they brought her to us for help. God delivered her on the same day.  She is still waiting to take decision for Jesus.

In our branch church at Madhavaram one believer’s family met a loss in their small business.  We prayed that God may open a door to restart the business and gain the loss.  God answered the prayers.  They have opened a business with loan.  Please pray that the business to go well with the blessings of God.  That family used to do regular street evangelism and house visiting.  They brought several people to the church.

In our branch church in the Northern state Orissa one family lost their father. That man is regular member since the beginning of the church.  The Mission branch church in that place exists for the past 28 years.  Thank God for blessing the Church for a long time.

Baptisms – In the month of July 5 people and 4 people in August took baptism and came into the faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. One girl took baptism testified she belongs to Roman Catholic and her father belongs to an atheist (no God.) She had a boil in her stomach.  Doctors said that operation may not help as it was not attended earlier.  They brought her to the Minjur Church for prayer.  While praying she fell on the floor for 2 times, it created faith in her father to come to the church regularly.  The church prayed for her a lot.  In the next doctors’ appointment there was no trace of the boil.  She had baptism with her father and they continue to grow in the Lord as believers.

Our Sewing school is going on well.  This year non-Christians are more than Christian students.  They all attend the worship and Bible reading time regularly.

On 17th September Thursday we had one day Annual Youth Fellowship.  It was from morning 9am till evening 4pm.  About 180 people from our two churches attended the meeting.  The Bible quiz program was good.  It was a blessing to all age groups.

All village branch churches are not of regular brick buildings. We always win souls make them believers and to attend regular church services.  Then we construct churches according to the availability of funds.  Till then we rent a house for service in branch churches.  Now 2 of our branch churches need to be built, as the owners of the rented houses asked us to vacate.  So there is a need to build a structure immediately.  Please pray that the Lord may provide the needed funds for it.

Once again we are grateful to everyone for the encouraging cooperation and help with prayer. May God bless you in all that you do.

Greetings from family Israel, co-workers and church believers.

Yours in the service of dear Jesus,

D.F. Hallelujah Israel
P.J. Prabhakar Israel
Grace Paul

Gifts & offering may be designated for the following Mission activities
1. Salary for Pastors
2. Orphanage
3. Widows Help
4. Feeding the poor
5. Children Aid for education and survival
6. Fire and Flood relief
7. Mission – Sewing Vocational Training school for girls
8. Maintenance of Churches and Mission Home
9. Construction of Village Churches
10. Distribution of clothes and other necessities to the poor in the villages.