The main focus of the Altar Workers’ department is new members (converts) within the Fellowship.  The Altar Workers ensure that the new convert is connected into the church in classes, ministry and fellowship. Touching people’s lives is a vital part of the church ministry and the Altar workers ministry can make a difference in many lives for eternity. 


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Mrs Gloria Clarke

Leader of the Altar Worker team

Mrs Gloria Clarke is the Leader of the Altar Worker team and also sits on the Officers Board as an Evangelist. Read her full bio here.  

Mrs Sandra Doyley-Leslie

Assistant Leader of the Altar Worker team

Mrs Doyley-Leslie accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and saviour and has been a faithful member of the Light and Life Full Gospel Fellowship for over 18 years. She’s part of various ministries but currently an assistant Leader in the Altar Worker Team. Their responsibility is to pray for anyone who comes to the altar for prayer whenever an invitation is made.


Her favourite part of this ministry is when a person surrender their lives to Jesus Christ and leading them through the sinners prayer.

Favourite scripture Roman 1:16 

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for it's the power of God to salvation to everyone who believes,  to the Jews first and also the Greek.”