Meet our Officers

Deacon Clarke.png

Mr Bernard Clarke

Mr Clarke was born in Jamaica.  After moving to England, Mr Clarke and his wife joined the Light and Life Full Gospel Fellowship.  He is a committed Christian and in August 2011 was ordained to the office of a Deacon.  Mr Clarke loves to study the scriptures and is the lead teacher for the Adult bible class.


Mr Clarke is married to Rosalind and has four children.  His aim is to continue serving God as he has been doing since 1998.

Mr Frederick Clarke


Mr Frederick Clarke and his wife, Mrs Gloria Clarke, were received as members of The Light & Life Full Gospel Fellowship on 6 January 2008.


Minister Clarke is the founder and CEO of Mighty Men of Valour (MMOV), a non-profit organization started in 2002, that gained charitable status in 2009.  Frederick currently works full-time with MMOV and become a Minister at The LLFGF on 8th March 2020, with the expectation of becoming an ordained Pastor in 2021.  His main commission is to focus on his outreach work with Mighty Men of Valour in our communities, while supporting the Senior Pastor at LLFGF.



Mrs Gloria Clarke has been a member of The Light & Life Full Gospel Fellowship since 2008.  She is the Leader of the Altar Worker’s ministry and in 2016 was ordained an Evangelist.  Evangelist Clark has a passion for souls and believes that praying in faith is very important in her walk with God.


Evangelist Clarke with her husband Minister Clarke lead the marriage seminars hosted by The Light and Life Full Gospel Fellowship.  She is also a skilled photographer.

Mrs Pauline Davis


Mrs Pauline Davis was born in Jamaica and brought up by her grandmother. She came to England to join her mother and siblings. She surrendered her life to the Lord at an early age and worked faithfully in the Ministry. 

In July 2014 Mrs Davis was received as a member of The Light & Life Full Gospel Fellowship. She gives thanks to God for being a part of this wonderful ministry. She enjoys encouraging people to be converted to bring glory to God. 


Mrs Gloria Clarke

Mr Carlton Hanglan


Mr Hanglan was converted in 1992.  In August 2004, he was ordained a Deacon and has having served faithfully in this capacity, now holds the position of Senior Deacon.  Deacon Hanglan is one of the founding leaders of Gideon’s Army (the men’s fellowship at the church).  He gives God thanks for calling him in His kingdom.


Deacon Hanglan’s favourite song is ‘For I’m building a people of power’, which he says expresses his feeling about being in God’s kingdom.

Mrs Eliza Morgan


Mrs Morgan has been a member of The Light and Life Full Gospel Fellowship for many years.  She was ordained to the office of Deacon on 5th January 1986. Mrs Morgan is one of the ‘Mothers’ of the church. She is also the proud mother of 10 children, grandmother of 10 grandchildren and great-grandmother to 20 great grandchildren, she also has one great, great grandchild.  Her beloved husband, Brother Morgan, passed away over 20 years ago and she has also lost children, but in the midst of her pain she faithfully serves the Lord. Mrs Morgan is always ready to give a word of encouragement or have a laugh with you.

Ms Nora Roberts


Miss Roberts committed her life to Christ at a very young age and was ordained to the office of Deacon over 10 years ago.  Miss Roberts counts it a privilege to serve God’s people and enjoys it immensely; she hopes to carry out her duties in love and humility, by God’s grace, for many years to come.  It is her heart’s desire that the body of Christ grows from strength to strength and moves from glory to glory.

Miss Janet Simpson


Miss Simpson has been a practicing Christian since the age of 13.  Since then she has worked in almost every department in the church.  She is currently heading up the Music and Communication Ministries.  She was ordained an Evangelist in August 2017.


Miss Simpson is a talented singer/songwriter and is a member of the Simpson Sisters singing group.

Mrs Pauline Simpson Porter


Mrs Pauline Porter is our Senior Evangelist working with the team. She gave her heart to Christ as a young child and loves the Lord and appreciates that she lives by the grace of God.  Mrs Porter is flexible in her approach to ministry and is ready to help in any capacity that brings glory to God. She is married to Dennis and has two children. Mrs Porter is also a member of the Simpson Sisters singing group.

Mrs Loris Wilks


Mrs Wilks has been attending The Light and Life Full Gospel Fellowship since 2005.  She was ordained an Evangelist in August 2016 and is currently the Leader of the Witnessing team.


Mrs Wilks enjoys sharing the good news and encouraging others, while hoping this will lead them to Christ.  She has dedicated her life to building God’s Kingdom and motivating others to live a Christlike life.