A Witnessing team is organised in the church and its growth is promoted by the Pastors and the Leaders of the department.  Christians are called (commanded) to be "ambassadors" for Christ. We are to be His representatives in both actions and words. Every person has the right to hear and experience the love, acceptance and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. As Christians, we are called to follow Jesus. He promises to help us assist others to know Him too.  “And he saith unto them, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19). 


The Witnessing ministry is essential for the spiritual benefit of the church; for the co-operation in seeking the souls of the lost, and for the advancement of the work of the church.   As a Christian, we have the greatest news to share with others! 


The team has led “Church without walls”.  On a set Sunday some of the congregation would stay in the building and pray and the rest would walk the streets knocking on doors and doing prayer walks

The witnessing department is led by Evangelist Loris Wilks. As the Leader she is responsible for arranging Training, Coaching and Planning Bi-Annual Improvement meetings.


Mrs Loris Wilks

Witnessing Leader and Evangelist 

Evangelist Wilks is the leader of the Witnessing Group and Evangelist at LLFGF. She enjoys sharing the good news and encouraging others and leading them to Christ. She was ordained as an Evangelist August 2016. She has dedicated her life to building God’s Kingdom and motivating others in living a Christlike life.


Her motto:  If I can help someone as I pass along then my living shall not be in vain.


Favourite scripture: Psalm 42.1

As the Hart panteth after the waterbrooks so panteth my soul after thee O God


The Light & Life Full Gospel Fellowship is a Christian organisation whose beliefs are based on the New Testament, while embracing the entire bible as the word of God.

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Member of the Evangelical Alliance.


The Light & Life Full Gospel Fellowship


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Email: pastor@llfgf.org

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